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MesajSubiect: CNBLUE’S YONGHWA Q&A ON “BEHIND STAR” TVN (02.09.2011)   Mier Feb 09, 2011 5:11 am


Q: (maybe) How was your feeling when ‘A song for first time lovers’ did all-kill?
Yonghwa: I was in Japan when it was released, I was very happy to hear that. I made up my mind that I must make better songs a lot from now.
Q: (maybe) what do you think is the reason people like this song?
Yonghwa: Easy meoldy for people to listen to, and people liked the lyric too.
Q: What was Seohyun’s reaction to hear this news?
Yonghwa: I heard she listened to this song well too. So I felt good too.
(Introduction about ‘Love revolution’ which Yonghwa wrote lyric.)
Q: (maybe) Your mother appeared at wgm. How was her after that?

Yonghwa: Mother is feeling very embarrassed. After the show, she is taking a lot of phone calls from her friends.
(video of ‘Behind the star’ 1 year ago)
Q: You are going so well in Japan.

Yonghwa: ‘Going so well’ is too much. But I think all concerts were very good. Really! We could be satisfied.
(videos of Japan street)
Yonghwa: We are performing concerts in Japan. There are many people who became our fans after watched our concerts. Also the drama ‘You are beautiful’ was loved a lot in Japan. That was also helpful to us.
(video of YAB making)
Q: You were fiercely competed against Minhyuk for the Shinwoo role. Did you know Minhyuk teared after the role went to you?
Yonghwa: Yes, I knew it. At the audition, I did my lines first then I was casted immediately. Minhyuk even couldn’t do his lines. So it’s nothing to be called a competition. Minhyuk! It’s OK we can do better drama.
Q: After that Minhyuk did drama, how is your estimation as a senior actor?
Yonghwa: I really enjoyed it. When I see our members do acting, I feel they are so cute. They were cute.
Q: Who is your role model as an actor?
Yonghwa: I want to be an actor like Jang Dong Geun. He is doing good acting, and he was a singer before. And I heard a lot that he has very good personality.
Q: Aren’t you interested in the movie?
Yonghwa: I am interesed in movie a lot too. I want to try any kinds of role. Then I want to find out the most appropriate role to me.

100 seconds interview:
Q: What CNBLUE means to you?
Yonghwa: Family.
Q: What WGM means to you?
Yonghwa: I am working hard as much as I was helped a lot by it.
Q: Frankly, who do you think is more valuable? You or Seohyun?
Yonghwa: I think Seohyun is more valuable.
Q: Do you think Seohyun has top look among all celebrities?
Yonghwa: Yes, I do.
Q: Who is your close celebrity?
Yonghwa: FT island.
Q: Do you still think Jjajangmyun of Busan is better than Seoul?
Yonghwa: Yes, I do.
Q: Praise yourself one thing.
Yonghwa: Uh… Uh…
Q: Answer quickly!
Yonghwa: I work hard…?
Q: Were you good at score in your childhood?
Yonghwa: Uh.. normal.
Q: What grade?
Yonghwa: I was in top 10 in my class.
Q: Were you popular from girls?
Yonghwa: Just medium, not much not little.
Q: You are from Uljjang, Are you confident of your look?
Yonghwa: Uh…
Q: Don’t think. Just answer quickly.
Yonghwa: I think… I just have some attraction.
Q: Uljjang picture, did you upload it by yourself?
Yonghwa: I uploaded it at my mini hompy.
Q: Evaluate your look. What score?
Yonghwa: …..
Q: Answer quickly!
Yonghwa: 60 points.
Q: What music means to Jung Yonghwa?
Yonghwa: For me, music is my friend.
Q: What acting means to Jung Yonghwa?
Yonghwa: A stepping stone which let me stretch out toward new area. —
Q: You said your score of look is 60 points.
Yonghwa: It’s my first time to estimate my own look. I have both good points and bad points. But I think I have 10% more of good points.
(old pictures, and old video.)
Yonghwa: When I was a child, I had a dream of being a president, doctor or others. As I grow older, my dream became a singer.
Since when I was a child, my brother listened to pop songs a lot, I could be interesed in music too.
(FT island video)
Hongki: CNBLUE friends couldn’t even raise their heads in front of us.
Minhwan: When I pass them, Minhyuk ran to me and bowed me in 90 degrees saying, “Annyung hasipnika!!” I said, “Ah ye ye…” We became close after meeting 3 times. we became close so quickly.
Q: CNBLUE and FTisland may have competitive spirit to each other?
Yonghwa: There’s no such thing. People say that because we both are bands. But CNBLUE and FTisland have totally different color and music style.
Q: About your gesture and smile on the stage.
Youghwa: Smile look beautiful when you really want to smile, not an artificial one.
I will keep working harder with better music. CNBLUE is coming back very soon. Please support us a lot. I will be hard working Jung Yonghwa.

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