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 Great King Sejong(Marele rege Sejong)

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În romanization: Dae-hwang Saejong
Hangul: 대왕세종 / 대왕 세종
Director: Kim Sung-Geun
Reţea: KBS / KBS2
Număr de episoade: 80
Timpul difuzării: January 5 - November 16, 2008
Limba: Korean
Ţara: South Korea

“Sejong the Great “is a full scale politic drama describing how King Sejong and his loyal retainers cooperate and contrive to make his dynasty a better place. While King Sejong was in throne, the Chosun Dynasty enjoyed the most fortunate and happy age ever.
The drama shows the dramatic processes of how so many new cultural heritages have been devised. At that time, “Hangul”, the native phonemic alphabet system for Korean language was first invented and introduced. Before it was made up, Chinese characters had been used for a written communication, which makes it extremely difficult for ordinary people to learn and use. “Hangul” is easy to learn for its simple and scientific principles, so wide-spread people instantly use the alphabet. Other than “hangul” itself, there had been so many cultural heritages created during his regime including a rain gauge, a sundial, an hourglass to name a few.
Also, King Sejong’s pragmatic diplomacy is concentrated in the drama. Then, the Chosun Dynasty was facing a powerful Myoung Empire of China, and King Sejong demonstrates the essence of pragmatism with dignity.
The drama location is a real palace such as Kyungbok Palace, Changduk Palace with touches of King Sejong, so the sceneries will give much more authentic fun to the King Sejong’s historical drama.


Kim Sang-Kyung Lee Yoon-Ji Kim Kap-Soo Lee Chun-Hee Jeong Dong-Hwan
Prince Choon-Nyeong/ Queen So-Yeon Hwang Hee Jang Young-Sil Jo Mal-Saeng
King Se-Jong

Lee Won-Jong Kim Sung-Ryeong Yun Yeong-Jun Ju Da-Yeong Kang Bit
Yun Hee Hyobin Kim Prince Kyung-Nyung Princess Jung-So Hyang/Moon-Jong

Lee Joo-Hyun Choi Min-Ho Kang Han-Byeol Jo Sung-Ha Lee Jin-Woo
Princess Jung-Ui Prince Yoo/Soo-Yang Prince Yong/An-Pyung Lee Soo Jung In-Ji

Lee Sung-Min Yun Ki-Won Lee Byung-Wook Sun Dong-Hyeok Kim Ki-Hyeon
Choi Man-Ri Uhm Ja-Chi Kim Jong-Seo Choi Yun-Duk Yoo Jung-Hyun

Kim Ha-Kyun Kim Yeong-Ki Kim Jeong-Hak Lee Dal-Hyeong Lee Dae-Yeon
Heo Jo Byeon Kye-Ryang Kim Moon Shin Jang Choi Hae-San

Ko In-Beom Ha Yong-Jin Jeong Yu-Mi Kim Yeong-Cheol Choi Myeong-Gil
Hwang Uhm Hae Soo Da-Yeon king Tae-Jong queen Won-Kyung

Park Sang-Min Ahn Shin-Woo No Yeong-Kuk Yoo Seo-Jin Kang Kyeong-Heon
Prince Yang-Nyung Prince Hyo-Ryeong King Jung-Jong Prince Yang-Nyung's wife Cho Goong-Jang

Oh Yeon-Seo Jo Jae-Wan Choi Jong-Won Park Young-Ji Choi Sang-Hun
U-Ri Jang Won Ha Roon Park Eun Shim On

Jung Heung-Chae Choi Ju-Bong Hwang Beom-Sik Kim Eung-Soo Lee Kyeong-Yeong
Kang Sang-In Kim Han-Ro No Hee-Bong Min Moo-Goo Min Moo-Jil

Kim Hyeong-Il Lee Woo-Seok Kim Joo-Young Park Sang-Jo Kim Myung-Gon
Min Moo-Hyul Min Moo-Hee Lee Sook-Bun Lee Jong-Moo Ok-Hwan

Kim Seung-Wook Jeong Ui-Gap Moon Chun-Sik Choi Sang-Kil Kim Yong-Soo
Jeon Haeing-Soo Moo-Bi Jeon Il-Ji Jang Chil-Sang Wang-An

Lee Hyun-Woo Nam Ji-Hyeon Lee Jun
King Se-Jong (young) Queen So-Yeon (young) Prince Yang-Nyung (young)
Additional Cast Members:
Park Yong-Soo - Han Young-Ro
Lee Jung-Hyun - shinbin Kim

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Great King Sejong(Marele rege Sejong)
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